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Nowadays, business and individuals craved internet popularity, people want to be known by all for whatever cause they choose to take on. To achieve the level of stardom you desire takes a lot of planning and thought put into it because you don't want to be known for the negative reason and you have to be in full control of your image-making campaign.

Although some get famous all of a sudden through bad publicity, believing that no publicity is bad press, well not in all instances. Kick off your own campaign now if you are your own brand and follow some of the tips that ‘ll be highlighted below and you are on the track to social media stardom.

INVEST IN YOUR LOOK-  like the saying goes ‘ how you are dressed is how you are addressed’ there has to be an overhaul of your wardrobe. You have to set trend with your outfit and be seen as fashion forward and have a charisma about you. it gives your followers and prospective fans a good impression about you. Take lots of photographs and post on all your socials and you ‘ll get loads of likes and shares. Also using a popular hashtag that relates to your brand to enhance your pop up in search results.

Research study and study the game of Texas Holdem.

BE ENTERTAINING- getting attention is good, but retaining them is greater. To retain attention and remain in the public eye you have to post entertaining videos and slides of pictures. You can’t afford to bore your followers if you intend to build more followership use videos because it captivates people's  attention faster and the best medium for getting more eyes to see them is using YouTube.

NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY-  one important thing you must take cognisance of in your quest for fame on social media is to get a brand managing team that ‘ll be in-charge of monitoring and evaluating traffic to your page. They ‘ll also direct traffic to your page through all sorts of promotional efforts.

BRAND CONSISTENCY- a notable way of growing your fame on social platforms is to sustain the tempo at which you appear or post updates online. Your brand manager should see to it that you update your page constantly and do so consistently.


You don't necessarily have to be online twenty-four hours of the day, all you need to do is designate some minutes at particular times of the day, like 20 minutes in the morning, afternoon and night.

Your messages or posts on all your social media accounts must align as well as being distinct from one another. That is when you Intend to update your page, pass the same message in different ways, so people don't get bored with your page.

ENGAGE YOUR FOLLOWERS- you have to start conversations with your followers and carry them along in whatever you are posting. Make them feel so comfortable that they respond to questions or just basic interaction with your brand. You must also be able to appeal to their emotions through your messages. Also, don't dismiss any small gesture from your followers and make them feel appreciated for liking your brand.